The generations online

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This Pew Internet and American Life

report says

“Internet users ages 12-28 are more likely to IM,play online games,and

create blogs.Internet users over age 28 (but younger than 70) are more

likely to make travel reservations and bank online.All age cohorts of

internet users (ages 12 and older) are equally likely to use email;about

90% of all internet users send or receive email.Given the many other

variations in internet use among different age groups,it is notable that

this basic communications tool is almost universally used.Even

teens,many of whom disparage email as something for “old people,”and

tend to prefer instant messaging,have not completely abandoned it.Email

is the most popular online activity,especially for internet users age 65

or older”.Further,”teens and generation Y(age 18-28) are significantly

more likely than older users to send and receive instant messages,play

online games,create blogs,download music,and search for school

information.An always-on,high-speed connection at home enables some of

these activities for young internet users,but broadband access is not

the whole story.Internet users in their 30s are about as likely as users

in their 20s to have broadband at home and yet do not match the younger

users in their enthusiasm for games and IM”.


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